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18u Open Gold      
1st Ridgetop Storm Orange    
2nd Push the Rock White    
3rd Upward Stars Nikki Club Integrity  
18u Open Silver      
1st Horseshoe Red    
2nd Synergy Kryptonite    
3rd PA Elite Laurel Elite  
18u Club Gold      
1st TNT    
2nd Ridgetop Storm Purple    
3rd Horseshoe Black Ballyhoo Teal  
5th Synergy Xenon Lanchester Blast Lightning  
18u Club Silver      
1st Highline Aspire    
2nd West Shore Teal    
3rd Horseshoe Bedford CAL Cobra Black  
5th Northwestern    
17u Open Gold      
1st Fusion Blue    
2nd CPVBC Blue    
3rd Affinity AVA Onyx  
5th Prevail Pink Sparks Elite  
17u Open Silver      
1st CPVBC Grey    
2nd FCAMD Aftershock    
3rd EC Power Sterling Lanchester Blast Thunder  
5th Ballyhoo Chaos Lower Bucks  
17u Club Gold      
1st Horseshoe Red    
2nd Central Penn    
3rd Trojans Pinnacle  
5th Grit Blue Highlands  
17u Club Silver      
1st Ridgetop Storm Orange    
2nd Upward Stars Niki    
3rd X-Factor NOVA  
5th LVC Hurricanes Sparks Blue  
17u Club Bronze      
1st Relentless Red    
2nd TNT    
3rd Frostburg Adirondack  
16u Open Gold      
1st EC Power Columbia    
2nd Horseshoe Red    
3rd Sparks Elite Prevail Pitch Black  
5th CPVBC Blue Lanchester Blast Fire  
16u Open Silver      
1st Surge Lime    
2nd Shockwave    
3rd Tidal Wave Red Ridgetop Storm Orange  
5th Prevail Peach Grit Blue  
16u Club Gold      
1st Sparks Blue    
2nd EC Power Federal    
3rd Ballyhoo Crash Central Penn  
5th Laurel Elite PA Elite  
16u Club Silver      
1st Ridgetop Storm Purple    
2nd Synergy Hydrogen    
3rd Lanchester Blast Crush Ballyhoo Red  
5th TNT Apex Avalanche  
16u Club Bronze      
1st X-Factor    
2nd Anthracite Breakers    
3rd Upward Stars Wendy CVVC Tigers  
5th PA Elite Prevail Plum  


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    Volleyball East
    Kristin Helm
    726 Anderson Ferry Rd
    Mount Joy, PA 17552