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Girls AAU Schedule

Girls Registration Form

If you would like an excel file for the registration forms, please email me and I can send you the file.  When sending the forms in, do not staple the checks to the forms.



Note: Coaches should have a first aid kit for their teams at the tournaments.  Tournament sites are not expected to have medical supplies for players in case of minor injuries.  Coaches also need to have rosters, with AAU numbers, to turn in when they get to the tournaments. 

Schedules will be posted Wednesday evenings before each tournament weekend.  They will be posted online under the tournament links.


If you are interested in hosting a tournament, or if I missed a gym on the list, let me know.

A Level - stronger teams
B Level - weaker teams

Private Facilities will not be requiring masks.  It is up to the individual person whether to wear one.
     State Colleges & High Schools will be requiring masks, except for players on court during matches.
              (unless state mandates change the school policies.)
Plan accordingly.  Please limit spectators to parents only.  
Siblings & Grandparents are asked to stay home.  We would like to regulate the overall numbers.
  If kids come to the tournament, they must be with the parents at all times.

$5.00 Spectator Fee for all spectators, kids included.

  MARCH 2022  
  Date Location Age Group(s)  
  Sat. Mar 5 Riverfront Sports 16u  
  Sat. Mar 5 Prevail 17u  
  Sat. Mar 5 Heritage Hills 12u  
  Sun. Mar 6 Riverfront Sports 18u  
  Sun. Mar 6 Lancaster Bible    
  Sun. Mar 6 Prevail 15u  
  Sun. Mar 6 Pottsville Martz Hall 13u  
  Sat. Mar 12 Riverfront Sports 14u  
  Sat. Mar 12 Pine Grove MS 16u  
  Sat. Mar 12 Heritage Hills 14u *
  Sat. Mar 12 Prevail 13u  
  Sun. Mar 13 Riverfront Sports 17u  
  Sun. Mar 13 Prevail 18u  
  Sun. Mar 13 Volleyball Corner 15u  
  Sun. Mar 13 Lancaster Bible    
*Due to campus issues, 3/19 Kutztown had to be moved. 16u & 18u now on 3/20.*
  Sat. Mar 19 Heritage Hills 12u  
  Sat. Mar 19 Dutch Country-Volleyball Corner 14 (A)  
  Sat. Mar 19 Dutch Country - Prevail 14 (B)  
  Sun. Mar 20 Dutch Country-Volleyball Corner 16 (A)  
  Sun. Mar 20 Dutch Country - Prevail 16(B)  
  Sun. Mar 20 Dutch Country - Kutztown 13u, 15u, 17u, 18u  
  Sat. Mar 26 Twin Valley HS 14u  
  Sat. Mar 26 Heritage Hills 13u  
  Sun. Mar 27 Prevail 15u  
  Sat. Mar 26 Grand Prix - 18u, 17u, 16u    
  Sun. Mar 27 Grand Prix - 18u, 17u, 16u    
  Date Location Age Group(s)  
  Sat. Apr 2 Grand Prix - 12u (HH)    
  Sat. Apr 2 Grand Prix - 15u, 14u, 13u    
  Sun. Apr 3 Grand Prix - 15u, 14u, 13u    
  Sat. Apr 2 Prevail 16u  
  Sun. Apr 3 Prevail 17u  
  Sat. Apr 9 Heritage Hills 14u  
  Sat. Apr 9 Volleyball Corner 17u  
  Sat. Apr 9 Prevail 15u  
  Sat. Apr 9 Millersville University 18u  
  Sun. Apr 10 Volleyball Corner 13u  
  Sun. Apr 10 Prevail 14u  
  Sun. Apr 10 Lancaster Bible  15u  
  Sun. Apr 10 Millersville University 16u  
  Sat. Apr 16 Heritage Hills 16u  
  Sat. Apr 16 Prevail 14u  
  Sat. Apr 16 Millersville University 17u  
  Sat. Apr 16 Volleyball Corner 15u  
  Sun. Apr 17 Easter    
  Sat. Apr 23 Kutztown Spring Classic 12u, 13u, 15u, 17u  
  Sun. Apr 24 Kutztown Spring Classic 14u, 16u, 18u  
  Sat. Apr 30 Heritage Hills 15u  
  Sat. Apr 30 Twin Valley HS 12u  
  Sat. Apr 30 Volleyball Corner 13u  
  Sat. Apr 30 Prevail 17u  
  Sat. Apr 30 Millersville University 16u  
  Looking to Sanction Apr 30-May 1 for Districts  
  MAY 2022  
  Date Location Age Group(s)  
  Sun. May 1 Volleyball Corner 18u  
  Sun. May 1 Prevail 14u  
  Sat. May 7 Volleyball Corner 14u  
  Sat. May 7 Prevail 15u  
  Sun. May 8 Mother's Day    
  Sat. May 14 Heritage Hills 16u  
  Sat. May 14 Volleyball Corner 17u  
  Sat. May 14 Prevail 15u  
  Sun. May 15 Volleyball Corner 14u  
  Sun. May 15 Prevail 13u  
  Sat. May 21 Heritage Hills 15u  
  Sat. May 21 Volleyball Corner 18u  
  Sat. May 21 Prevail 16u  
  Sun. May 22 Volleyball Corner 13u  
  Sun. May 22 Prevail 14u  
  Sat. May 28 Heritage Hills 17u  
  Sat. May 28 Prevail 16u  
  Sun. May 29 Prevail 15u  
  Mon. May 30 Memorial Day    

Volleyball Corner and Prevail are available in June.

If you club wants to play in June, let me know so we can book the gyms.



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