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Frequently asked questions
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  • Do the tournaments sponsor teams/programs?
    All the tournaments are set up to help the schools or teams running the tournaments. The tournaments are good fundraising events to help clubs or schools raise some money for their programs. All of the tournaments at McCaskey schools are helping to raise money for the Police Athletic League, helping the inner city kids have chances to play sports and be active in the community.

  • How is the money for the tournament broken down?
    Tournament fees are based on gym rental & use of equipment, tournament director and gym maintenance, referees, game balls, awards, sanctioning, paperwork, program donation.

  • When are the links updated for scheduling?
    As teams send in registration forms and payment, the teams will be posted in order payment was received. Schedules are posted on the same link as the team listings and are posted the Wednesday evening before each weekend of events.

  • Where do I find other AAU tournaments?
    You can find the other AAU Volleyball tournaments by going to and searching by district. Eastern PA, Southern New Jersey, and Delaware are all in the Middle Atlantic district. Surrounding districts are New Jersey and Maryland.


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