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2019 Middle Atlantic Girls Grand Prix

Saturday Schedules - March 30
13u Saturday

14u Open Saturday
14u Club Saturday (McCaskey East)
14u Club Saturday (Volleyball Corner)

15u Open Saturday
15u Club Saturday (Lancaster Bible)
15u Club Saturday (F & M)


Sunday Schedules - March 31
13u Open Gold/Club Gold
13u Club Silver

14u Open Gold/Silver
14u Club Gold/Silver
14u Club Bronze

15u Open Gold/Silver
15u Club Gold/Silver
15u Club Bronze

Gym Locations:
March 30-31 Gyms/Courts


Tournament Questions: email Kristin Helm at

Teams Registered

March 30, 2019 - 12u
March 30-31, 2019 - 15u, 14u, 13u
April 6-7, 2019 - 18u, 17u, 16u

1-Day (12u) Fee: $225.00
2-Day Fee: $450.00

Ages 13u-18u are two days.
12u has been changed to 1-Day.

Open and Club Levels.  There must be a minimum of 12 teams in Open to have separate levels of competition and to get the full entry to Nationals paid for the winning team in each age group.



Age groups will not be assigned to a specific gym until the Wednesday before the event when the schedules get posted.  Teams will most likely not be in the same gym for Sunday.



** All participants must be members of AAU (club, athletes and non-athletes). It is the tournament Host’s responsibility to ensure participants are AAU members. This can be done in the following ways:
          i. Require teams to complete their roster online at and submit a copy of the AAU generated team roster with their entry.
          ii. Require teams to present proof of membership at check-in which includes an AAU generated team roster, AAU generated club listing or copies of AAU membership cards.


    Contact us
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    Kristin Helm
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