2024 Boys Middle Atlantic Grand Prix    
  Tournament Entry Form  
Tournament Site:     Date of Event:    
Club/Team Name:     Team Age:   open/club
Team Rep:     Team Coach:    
Address:     Coach's Phone:    
City/State/Zip:     Coach's Email:    
Rep Email:     Club AAU #:    
Rep Phone:        
Player/Coach Name Uniform # AAU #  
      18u, 17u, 16u
      14u, 15u
      Mail Entries to:
      Volleyball East
      726 Anderson Ferry Rd
      Mount Joy, PA 17552
Questions or comments, contact Kristin Helm at majvb@comcast.net  
The form must be completed in full, signed by the team representative and accompanied by the entry fee in order to be valid for acceptance into the tournament.  The undersigned hereby certifies that the information provided is accurate and up-to-date.  The host tournament director, at his/her discreation may request the provision of an individual member's AAU registration card and a picture ID for the purpose of verifying a player's eligibility. NO WAIVERED PLAYERS ALLOWED, MUST BE AGE ELIGIBLE.  
Signature of Team Representative:       Date:    
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