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Tournament Results:

1st Place: Sori Sports 15-1

2nd Place: Equinox Orbit 

  Volleyball East Girls 15u Tournament  
  Volleyball Corner  
  2007 Lincoln Hwy E, Lancaster, PA 17602  
  Sunday, April 30, 2023  
Doors Open at 8:15 AM          
9:00 AM Start Time          
  Pool 15A - Cts 1 & 2   Pool 15B - Cts 2 & 3      
1 TNT Rebels 1 Philly Starlings      
2 Equinox Orbit 2 TNT Gemini      
3 TEVA 3 Easton Local      
4 Xtreme Crushers 4 Sori Sports       
5 Liberty Belle Red 5 TCVA Amanda      
       5 Team Pools    
       Pool Play: 2-21 pt games, 27 cap    
  COURT 1   COURT 2   COURT 3  
Times Teams Playing Work Teams Playing Work Teams Playing Work
9:00 A1 vs A2 A5 A3 vs A4 B4 B1 vs B2 B5
9:45 A1 vs A5 A3 B3 vs B4 A4 B1 vs B5 B2
asap A4 vs A5 A1 A2 vs A3 B1 B4 vs B5 B3
asap A1 vs A3 A2 Break   B2 vs B3 B5
asap A2 vs A5 A4 B2 vs B5 A3 B1 vs B4 B3
asap A1 vs A4 A2 A3 vs A5 B2 B1 vs B3 B4
asap A2 vs A4 A1 B3 vs B5 A5 B2 vs B4 B1
  COURT 1   COURT 2      
asap Crossover 1st A Crossover 1st B    
asap Semifinal ** Semifinal **    
asap Final **        
**Loser of Previous Match Works        
Playoffs: Top 3 Teams from each pool advance to Playoffs.  
Tiebreaker: Head to Head Match, then Points, then Overall Points  
   Crossovers & Semis: 1-25 point game. 1st Place Bye works. Loser works Semifinals.   
   Final is best 2 out of 3, 21 pt games, 3rd 15 pt game, no cap.  
Warmup Volleyballs will be Provided.  Do not bring any.    
Only water is permitted at the court. Snack Stand Provided.  
Teams should switch sides for Set 2.  Work Team - only have 3 kids at table. No cell phones.
    Seating is available for spectators but chairs are allowed in the building.   
    Spectator Fee: $5.00    

15u Pool Play Records (Sets Won - Lost) 
1. Xtreme Crushers: 7-1 
2. TCVA Amanda: 2-6 
3. Liberty Belle Red: 0-8 
4. TNT Rebel: 3-5 
5. TNT Gemini: 0-8 
6. TEVA: 3-5 
7. Philly Starlings: 5-3 
8. Sori Sports 15-1: 8-0 
9. Easton Local: 5-3 
10. Equinox Orbit: 7-1 


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