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13u Open Gold      
1st Rebels Academy    
2nd Surge Black    
3rd Prevail Pearl TNT Roadrunner  
5th Pinnacle Elite Upward Stars Tim  
13u Club Gold      
1st Central Penn    
2nd TNT Coyote    
3rd Sparks Blue TNT Buggs  
5th Sparks White Lanchester Blast Chaos  
13u Club Silver      
1st Anthracite Nuggets    
2nd Synergy Lightning    
3rd Shockwave Tracee BVA Charge  
5th Shockwave Kathy  SpotVB  
14u Open Gold      
1st Sparks Elite    
2nd CPVBC Blue    
3rd TNT AC Grit Gold  
5th Synergy Hurricane Vortex Inferno  
14u Open Silver      
1st Prevail Pearl    
2nd Horseshoe Red    
3rd PA Elite Allegro National  
5th Upward Stars Steve Ridgetop Storm Orange  
14u Club Gold      
1st Central Penn    
2nd Upward Stars Ken    
3rd X-Factor Blue Synergy Storm  
5th Surge Lime Lanchester Blast Smash  
14u Club Silver      
1st Sparks Blue    
2nd Pinnacle Kim    
3rd TNT DC Pinnacle Felicia  
5th Ridgtop Storm Purple X-Factor White  
14u Club Bronze      
1st Sparks White    
2nd Frostburg Alyssa    
3rd TNT Metallica Frostburg Britt  
15u Open Gold      
1st Sparks Elite    
2nd Surge Black    
3rd CPVBC Blue Grit Gold  
5th Lanchester Blast Ice Ballyhoo Black  
15u Open Silver      
1st Vortex Twisters    
2nd Synergy Gold    
3rd Upward Stars Codi Surge Lime  
5th TNT Nitro Panhandle Boomers  
15u Club Gold      
1st Horseshoe Red    
2nd Rebels Academy    
3rd Surge White Frostburg  
15u Club Silver      
1st TNT Blaze    
2nd Sparks Blue    
3rd BVA Black Ridgetop Storm Purple  
5th X-Factor Sparks White  
15u Club Bronze      
1st West Shore Teal    
2nd Upward Stars Brittany    
3rd Push the Rock White Synergy Silicon  


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    Volleyball East
    Kristin Helm
    726 Anderson Ferry Rd
    Mount Joy, PA 17552